What's this?

An attempt (or the beginnings of one) to construct a lightweight wrapper library for zlib, offering the C programmer a relatively easy way to create zip archives on the PKZip pattern, and to extract files from same. Bug reports and patches welcome.

The code here draws heavily on the zip program, version 2.31 of March 1, 2005, from Info-ZIP (but bears no official relationship to Info-ZIP). The code has been modified quite substantially; the changes include the following:

  1. I have updated from K&R C to ISO C90.

  2. I have removed support for all platforms other than generic *nix and win32 (hence simplifying the code considerably).

  3. I have removed code pertaining to various options of the zip program which are unlikely (IMO) to be useful when the zip/unzip functionality is called programmatically.

  4. I have added a dependency on glib (see for various portability and convenience functions.


Allin Cottrell <>
Wake Forest University
March, 2006