[OPE-L:5432] Re: Jerry Levy

S.Mohun (S.Mohun@qmw.ac.uk)
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 07:48:52 -0700 (PDT)

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Jerry, I 've just got in and read my mail. I'm delighted you are out of
hospital. Take care of yourself.

>I was released from the hospital a few hours ago and it appears, with
>proper medication and a change in lifestyle, I'll be OK. It was a close
>thing, though.
>I want to thank everyone on the list. The sheer volume of posts is quite
>moving as were the personal messages and phone calls.
>Right now, however, I'm still too tired to read all of those posts. For a
>while, I guess I'm going to have to concentrate more on taking care of
>myself and let the rest of you shoulder more of the burden for list
>Thanks again. I'm going to sleep now.
>In solidarity, Jerry
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