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From: Paula <>
Date: Wed Apr 27 2011 - 18:07:45 EDT

Thanks to BR Bapuji for the reference to Ranganayakamma’s work on atheism – I certainly wasn’t aware of it. I do like the metaphor of “the shadow”, and it reminds me of the “real illusion”, a similar notion employed by some Marxists when discussing ideology. Shadows are perceived or “held” by human minds but they involve also real objects and the material relations among them – including perceivers themselves, who are objective as well as subjective beings. Similarly with religious and economic ideas – even “value”, which like “free competition” does not exist in an absolute form. This IMO should replace the notion of “ideological construction”, which disconnects ideology from its material basis.

Jerry wrote:
“at the time that the ideal of free competition arose it did not exist”
At the time that the ideal of “beauty” arose, did it exist? At the time that the idea of “horse” arose, did it exist?
“These conceptions helped to produce real effects, but that does not make the ideas and ideals themselves real.”
What makes any ideas or ideals real? Or are you saying that ideas and ideals are never real?

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