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From: B.R.Bapuji <>
Date: Fri Apr 22 2011 - 22:36:58 EDT

It is not clear from Prof. Michael's posting whether AC is going to 'proceed' against the 'behaviour' of Jurrian or not in view of his 'withdrawl' from the list. As I mentioned in one of my earlier postings, a person cannot be 'exonerated' just because he expresses his 'apology' and 'withdraw' himself from the list. Genuine self criticism is different from ritualistic apology and/or withdrawl by making some more accusations against a particular person or persons.  I beg to differ with Prof. Michael's adjectives describing Jurrian's postings. If a posting 'provocates' thoughts it is fine but if it provocates sense of insult it is not desirable. Similarly, in the name of forthrightness, one cannot behave arrogantly with others who do not agree with him. Personally, in view of my reading of 'Capital' for several years, I always wanted to particpate in many discussions in the list, but hesitated to do so in view of Jurrian sort of postings. At least, the coordinator of this list might remember that I withdrew from discussion when Jurrian made dirty remarks against Charles Bettelheim and Paresh Chattopadhyaya several months ago. In my mother tongue, Telugu language, there are sayings like: 'don't put your mouth in his mouth'; 'don't throw a stone on to the shit, it will sprinkle at you'. These obviously refer to such persons who demonstrate their scholarship by way of 'informative postings'. I hope the other members of this list will positively understand my hurt feelings.      B.R.Bapuji, Professor, Centre for Applied Linguistics & Translation Studies [CALTS], University of Hyderabad, Central University post office, HYDERABAD-500 046. (Phone: 040-23133655,23133650 or 23010161). Residence address: 76, Lake-side Colony, Near Durgam Cheruvu, [End of Road opp:Madapur Police Station], Jubilee Hills post, Hyderabad-500033. (Phone: 040-23117302)   ________________________________ From: Michael Webber <> To: Outline on Political Economy mailing list <> Sent: Sat, April 23, 2011 5:15:23 AM Subject: [OPE] Behaviour on the list To all subscribers: This week, Jurriaan Benden unsubscribed from the OPE-list.  We shall miss his provocative, forthright, frequent, and commonly interesting and informative postings. Nevertheless, the Administrative Committee of the list has been considering whether to proceed against him, with a view to suspending or discontinuing his membership.  The grounds were his abusive and (last week) racist comments to other members of the list. Let us reiterate: 1 the OPE-l will not tolerate personal abuse against members of the list (what is sometimes called flaming). Such behaviour discourages other members from participating in the list. 2 the OPE-l will not tolerate racist expression, against either members of the list or people at large. Such expression is outside the bounds of civilised behaviour. The Administrative Committee encourages all members to participate, regularly, in a friendly and comradely exchange; it encourages debate; it does not seek to silence dissent. But the Committee is concerned that members treat each other courteously. On behalf of the Administrative Committee, Michael Webber -- Michael Webber Professorial Fellow Department of Resource Management and Geography The University of Melbourne Mail address: 221 Bouverie Street, Carlton, VIC 3010 Phone: 0402 421 283 Email:

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