Re: [OPE] free competition

From: Paula <>
Date: Thu Apr 21 2011 - 12:42:36 EDT

Jerry wrote:
"one could add that (pro-capitalist) libertarianism is a religion complete
with its own myths".

The analogy with religion is useful. Religion also would not be worth
talking about if it was just a bunch of ideological constructions. But the
basis of religion is in real life, in practice (I have written about this in
my article "Atheism is Not Enough: A Socialist Dare to Religion and Science,
available here

A perfect and absolute God does not exist, but the imperfections of a
society that pushes people to join churches certainly do. Similarly, perfect
and absolute freedom for capital does not exist, but capitals' limited
freedom to compete with each other and to exploit workers is very real. It
is the practices that give rise to the ideological concepts.


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