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Date: Tue Apr 19 2011 - 10:54:58 EDT

> But what about the lack of “market-based, competitive-based dynamics” in your support of
> State driven resource allocation? Well, we know the sad consequences of such experiments
>but you persist in denying them.
> It would be nice to see you addressing the disastrous outcomes of such a path of development.


We should know the outcomes of market socialist paths of development since
(unlike 'free competition') it has been tried in many nations and the
historical record, imo, is not so stellar. Viewed at by any standard,
Yugoslavia under Tito, for instance, was far more of an economic mess
than socialist Cuba ever was. Then, of course, there was the market socialist
experience in the PRC which led to ... capitalism (similarly, Gorbachev's
market socialist model ended with capitalism and enormous hardships for
the Russian masses). The experience with the NEM in Hungary was not
quite as disastrous but it was hardly a democratic model of development
(rather, it was a technocratic-managerial model). So, if you want to talk about
disastrous models, maybe you should consider the *experiences* of
market socialism.
Implied in your comment is the belief that there are only two kinds of
'experiments' possible related to socialism: the Soviet-type centrally
planned economy and market socialism. Surely, there are more models of
socialism - and more socialist experiences - that this, however! If you
want to discuss how your model of market socialism differs from the
actual historical experiences of market socialism then why not also
examine those conceptions of socialism which are not either market
socialist nor centrally planned by state bureaucracies?

In solidarity, Jerry
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