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Date: Sun Apr 17 2011 - 09:19:28 EDT

> It seems to me that you recognize an objective
> stage of 'competitive' capitalism prior to 'monopolistic' capitalism. What
> you are then discussing is the ideology of 'free' competition growing out
> of the 'competitive' stage of capitalism. If this is the case, I wouldn't
> disagree with you.
Yes, I have no problem with saying that there was a period of competitive
capitalism. The ideology of free competition both grew out of the period
of competitive capitalism and, in some ways, pr-dated it. At issue, insofar
as it concerns economic history, is whether there was ever a period of
capitalist history in which states took a laissez-faire approach towards
competition. I think the historical evidence says, to the contrary, that
states played a significant in the period of competitive capitalism in the
process of competition, e.g. by establishing state monopolies and
otherwise passing laws concerning firm behavior. No doubt, however,
that states have played a bigger role in regulating firm behavior and
competition over time....
In solidarity, Jerry

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