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The advantage of reading good historians like Fischer is that it makes you aware of the context in which the books on Imperialism were written, and the actual events crises and deals that were going on and obviously known in part to the authors of the more famous political tracts on the subject.
It is also enlightening to read books published at the time of or just after the Great War as these give an insight into contemporary attitudes and power balances. Quite a few books of the period are now freely available for download from Guttenberg.
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Thanks for the thought Paul. I didn't read Fischer, but I delved into Gerd Hardach's books one time (which focus mainly on Germany; sadly, only a few of his works - which were interesting, well researched and topical - were ever translated into English). Hardach implied, that there were considerable errors in the Marxist discussions of imperialism, accordingly making me more cautious about them.


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