Re: [OPE] free competition

From: Jurriaan Bendien <>
Date: Wed Apr 13 2011 - 18:57:43 EDT

OK Jerry I will let you know after I have published something in print
(apart from translations, wiki's and edited works). I haven't really had
much peace of mind and time to work systematically on original publications,
because of the need to earn my own keep through working. In addition I got
considerable harassment for years, getting in the way of things, I mean you
end up fighting over the most basic conditions of personal autonomy.

I haven't argued that you are a member of the NMEC, but that you sometimes
evoke the ideology of the NMEC. Then I think we get ways of thinking which
seem like liberating truths, but in fact turn out to be oppressive

It doesn't really matter if I prove that your interpretation of Marx and
Engels on free competition is mistaken (which I could easily do, simply by
selecting the quotes from the economic manuscripts, in the MIA archive),
because "you are right, even if you are wrong". There is nothing I can say
that will ever change any belief that you have.

I am well aware of the position of Marxist academics, but I am not going to
defend them simply "because" they are Marxists. If they talked less pomo
crap and did more real research, they would probably experience far less
problems. What I defend, is academic freedoms generally, the autonomy of
places of learning, free speech, that sort of thing.


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