Re: [OPE] free competition

From: Paula <>
Date: Tue Apr 12 2011 - 17:42:08 EDT

When people think in absolutist, either/or ways, they quickly come to absurd
conclusions, such as that "free competition is an ideological construct".
Freedom (political or economic) is not an either/or entity; it exists in
different forms and to different degrees, in multiple contradictory
relations, etc. There's no such thing as absolute freedom, absolute
monopoly - or absolute capitalism, for that matter. So Marx was quite right
to note that "monopoly produces competition, competition produces monopoly".
And Lenin was thinking in the same dialectical way when he saw that
imperialism, the epoch of monopoly capitalism, is an epoch of enhanced

My point is that it isn't only the 'Western' states that take part in that
competition, but also the non-Western ones - India, Brazil, Turkey, China,
Venezuela, etc. Those are therefore also imperialist states, in that sense.


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