[OPE] Machover on Libya et al

From: Dave Zachariah <davez@kth.se>
Date: Mon Apr 11 2011 - 12:45:35 EDT

Here is another take by Moshé Machover:

    The long road to the Arab revolution
    Moshé Machover

    "It is very difficult to talk in a coherent way about a process
    which is unfolding and where things are changing all the time. What
    I would like to do is to initiate a discussion and explore some
    ideas about where the revolution is going, and what we should expect
    in both the short term and longer term.

    But, given the contention on the left, I think we should start with
    Libya. There is a lot of confusion, and I think that this is partly
    for understandable reasons."


//Dave Z
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