[OPE] Leontief Prize winners speak on the new climate economics

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Subject: Stern, Weitzman speak on the new climate economics

Stern, Weitzman Receive GDAE’s Leontief Prizes

On March 8, the Global Development and Environment Institute presented the 2011 Leontief Prize to Lord Nicholas Stern of the London School of Economics and Dr. Martin Weitzman of Harvard University. Both economists are widely renowned for their pioneering and influential analysis of the economics of global climate change. GDAE’s annual Leontief Prize recognizes economists whose theoretical and empirical work provides a deeper understanding of the nexus between economic, social, and environmental objectives. Tufts President Larry Bacow opened the well-attended event, which featured lectures from Lord Stern and Dr. Weitzman.

Read a summary of the event, and news coverage, or read Lord Stern’s presentation, “How should we think about the economics of climate change?” You can also see Frank Ackerman’s video interview with Nicholas Stern and read a three-part interview with Stern on the ThinkProgress blog.
Read more on GDAE’s Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought.

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