Re: [OPE] free competition

Date: Sun Apr 10 2011 - 20:39:19 EDT

> But what is missing in this picture Jerry, is that competition is good,
> the “regulated” one, both in politic and economy.

Good for whom? Is it good for workers that there is competition in the
market for labour-power? No, this competition exerts a downward pressure
on wages. Is it good when there is competition among potential tenants for
working-class housing? No, it tends to drive up rents. Is it good for the
hungry that there is competition for food? No, it drives up food prices and
means that only the hungry who can afford the food can obtain it through the
market. What is missing from YOUR picture, Alejandro, includes the following:
- what is good for one party (e.g. class) is often not good for another party.
- often what is desirable is solidarity rather than competition;
- it is one-sided to only point out that 'competition is good'; it also is
survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, the law of the jungle.
Yes, regulated markets are better than unregulated markets, but that doesn't
mean that competition per se is just or, even primarily, good.
In solidarity, Jerry
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