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Date: Sat Apr 09 2011 - 20:35:21 EDT

> What does "free competition" mean?
Here are some web definitions. Note how they are all
basically in agreement.
"the situation of being free to compete without
government interference." (
"a free market is a market without economic intervention
and regulation by government except to regulate against force
or fraud." (Wikipedia)
"the fact of being free to compete without government
interference." (;;
"unregulated competition for business between companies.
a situation in which companies are allowed to compete with
each other to win business without government intervention or
restrictions." (
"being free to compete without government interference"
"freedom to compete without government interference."
Etc. Etc. Etc.
There is thus a clear and generally accepted meaning
of free competition. If you consider this from the
perspective of the history of thought, you should
understand it's ideological character and its relation
to other 'freedoms' such as free enterprise, free market,
free market capitalism, etc. One shouldn't have to
read what Marx had to say about competition and monopoly
to grasp this. Ignorance is the only legitimate excuse
for a radical or a non-mainstream economist using the
expression 'free compeition' in any other way than to
expose the base ideological character of mainstream thought.
In solidarity, Jerry
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