Re: [OPE] free competition

Date: Fri Apr 08 2011 - 22:28:44 EDT

> But it is simply not true that "free
> competition gives way to monopoly". Any corporate CEO can confirm it.
> Free competition and attempts at monopolization exist side by side all
> the time.

Jurriaan and Paula:
It is simply not true that "free competition" exists anywhere in the
global capitalist economy today other than under extremely unusual
and exceptional circumstances. "Free competition", "free markets", and
"free enterprise" are pure ideological constructs - although markets,
firms, and competition were arguably more "free" at an earlier point
in capitalist history. Those CEOs who blabber about "free competition"
and "free market capitalism" et al ad nauseum haven't a clue as to
the meaning of these expressions.
In solidarity, Jerry
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