Re: [OPE] fascism / opposing imperialist militaryinterventioninLibya

From: Jurriaan Bendien <>
Date: Fri Apr 08 2011 - 19:54:18 EDT


I can see what you mean. But it is simply not true that "free competition gives way to monopoly". Any corporate CEO can confirm it. Free competition and attempts at monopolization exist side by side all the time.

Presumably what Lenin means is that corporations try to "corner the market" for products internationally, but few of them can ever achieve a market share of more than 50%. Moreover imperialism itself is not an absolute structural necessity for multinationals; all they require is a suitable environment to do business in, however that is organised. Lenin is also wrong to believe in the "omnipotence of the banks", for the simple fact that many large corporations are self-financing, and do not rely greatly on bank credit. Moreover, bank profits themselves depend ultimately on whether the real economy is growing, and if it doesn't, the banks can hardly be omnipotent.

I have done quite a lot of work on this area across the years, in support of a future book, but regret to say I can't discuss it now on OPE-L.


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