[OPE] Cyrus Bina's New Book on Oil

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Date: Thu Mar 24 2011 - 10:08:07 EDT

binac@morris.umn.edu wrote:

Dear Colleagues, Comrades, and Friends,

My new volume on oil, value theory, and international relations,
reflecting three decades of interdisciplinary work, shall be released in
a couple of weeks. Nearly all these chapters are already refereed as
solid scholarly pieces.

>> <http://www.linusbooks.com/more_details.php?id=284>
Journey Beyond Fanciful Economics and Frightful Politics (2011)

In addition to prologue and new chapter (14), all chapters are revised
and updated in order to cover the entire decades of the post-Pax
Americana. The book is decidedly paperback, thus intended for the library
collection or as a supplemental material for courses (both upper
division undergraduate and graduate) in political economy, energy and
environmental policy, and the international relations courses. Despite
my taxing schedule, which has left virtually no personal life for me at
this juncture, I am also available for public lectures or keynote
presentations in your universities and/or professional associations. If
you can, please inform others who might be interested. Thanks.

I can be reached through binac@umn.edu for further information.

My very best,


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