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I'm gonna need more details before I can form a judgment about this. On the basis of what has come over the list on the matter, I can draw no sensible inferences. Police typically do not raid academic institutions, with helicopter support no less, at the behest of a university administration that doesn't like the way a vote on education policy went.

If there's something going on, tell us what it is--don't drop an explosive sound-bite in our laps in hopes of provoking a hysterical reaction.

There is more than whiff of something fishy about this.


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University of Glasgow , management may be irate at having all the motions go
against them at the Senate on Friday, and on our winning support for a new
education bill to democratise the universities here.
See photos!/pcockshott

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On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 6:42 AM, Paul <> wrote:
> Huge police raid on the university going on at the moment, forcible
> of students from the postgradute student club, some injuries, helicopter
> overhead
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