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The Odyssey Dawn top 10
Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 22 March 2011

War is peace. Protesters are now off-camera, missile diplomacy is on camera.
Packaged in moral uprightness, Tomahawks, Typhoons, Tornados, Rafales,
Mirages, B-2s and F-18s - not to mention sexy European Storm Shadow cruise
missiles and possible guest star the F-22 Raptor radar-evading stealth jet -
now speak the language of democracy. These "military assets", displaying
their "unique capabilities", are now "protecting the Libyan people". Run for
cover - or become collateral damage.

And now for our top 10 list:

(Escobar concludes: "What many don't know is that Operation Odyssey Dawn is
personal - and has nothing to do with Greek heroism but Bedouin hatred. It
revolves around the extremely bad blood between King Abdullah and Gaddafi
since 2002, in the run-up to the war on Iraq, when Gaddafi accused Abdullah
of selling out the Arab world to Washington. So this is not Operation
Odyssey Dawn; it's Operation House of Saud Takes Out Gaddafi. With all the
heavy lifting subcontracted to the West, of course, and the eastern Libya
protesters posing as extras.")

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