Re: [OPE] Challenging the Left on Libya

Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 12:55:06 EDT

> Gilbert Achcar: "You can't in the name of anti-imperialism oppose preventing
> a massacre" <snip>
> So who is the opposition? The composition of the opposition is -- as in all
> the other revolts shaking the region -- very heterogeneous. What unites all
> the disparate forces is a rejection of the dictatorship and a longing for
> democracy and human rights. Beyond that, there are many different
> perspectives. In Libya, more particularly, there is a mixture of human
> rights activists, democracy advocates, intellectuals, tribal elements, and
> Islamic forces -- a very broad collection.
Hi Paul:
Well, yes, it is a very heterogeneous collection, but it is simply an
assertion by Achcar when he says that they all reject dictatorship
and long for democracy and human rights. Indeed, it is an assertion which
seems to fly in the face of the brief history of that movement. Since when
- decades after a monarchy has been overthrown - is a call to bring back the
monarchy also a call for 'democracy'. It is more likely that the opposition is
simply telling the West what they want to hear - that they are in favor democracy -
even as they also make it clear in so many ways that they simply want 'regime
change' whereby one dictator is replaced with another.
> The most prominent political
> force in the Libyan uprising is the "Youth of the 17th of February
> Revolution,"
*OH, REALLY?* How did they get to be "the most prominent"? Who
determined that they are the "most prominent"? Amazing leaps of
faith by Achcar ....
In solidarity, Jerry

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