Re: [OPE] Challenging the Left on Libya

Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 09:58:22 EDT

> I read this McGehee article which according to you "challenges the Left".
> However he concludes that social liberation is simply "not on the cards" in
> Libya.

Hi Jurriaan:
It is part of a conclusion which stems directly from the analysis in the
article, especially concerning the social composition and politics of the
Here's his conclusion:
"When and if Gaddafi is toppled Libya will likely get, what is for the US,
the best of all worlds: an iron-fisted Libyan junta without Muammar al-
Gaddafi. Version 2.0. Social liberation just isn't in the cards for
Libya right now. We should accept that and be there with our support when it
is. And we should stop allowing groupthink to blind us to the ugly side of
those we identify with."

> What an astonishingly arrogant pronouncement!
Arrogant? I don't see that at all. Given what you've written elsewhere I
would have thought you would have welcomed his urging us to stop allowing
"groupthink to blind us to the ugly side of those we identify with."
Obviously, I was wrong in believing that you would agree with that
'pronouncement'. I guess it just shows once again that our beliefs are tested
by social practice and this practice exposes the contradictions of groups,
movements, and individuals.
To think that social liberation will be brought to Libya through the
medium of a 'rebellion' in which a significant percentage of the population (the
1/3 of African origin who are not Arab) aren't participating and/or
are opposed, led by former generals and career politicians under Gaddafi
who openly fly the flag of the monarchy - brought to power by the military
might of the US, France, and the UK! - is hopelessly naive.

In solidarity, Jerry
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