Re: [OPE] fascism / opposing imperialist military intervention in Libya

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sun Mar 20 2011 - 05:16:38 EDT

On 19 March 2011 19:48, Paula <> wrote:

> Jerry wrote:
> >you either missed or repeatedly ignored the punch line:
> >"To the extent that socialists support bourgeois democracy, it must always
> >be critical support, imo"
> I didn't miss it; frankly, it's an absurd punch line. Why on earth would
> you
> give your support (critical or otherwise) to 100% exploitation? Can you
> imagine putting that on your manifesto? Workers of the world, let's
> campaign, critically, for 100% exploitation!

If by 'bourgeois democracy' you mean "democratic rights in a parliamentary
state" then both the call for its 'critical support' or its dismissal as
'100% exploitation' are quite unhistorical. Winning such rights were a key
strategic goal for socialist labour movements, and they played a central
role in winning them in the advanced capitalist world.

//Dave Z

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