Re: [OPE] fascism / opposing imperialist military intervention in Libya

From: Paula <>
Date: Fri Mar 18 2011 - 21:21:28 EDT

Jerry asked:
"According to the first narrative (Paula's) almost every nation in the
world is imperialist (including Libya, Venezuela, Cuba, et al) and
Libya (and Cuba, and China, along with many other nations) has a
fascist government. So, why oppose UN military intervention in Libya???"

Because we are (or should be) against inter-imperialist wars.

"This discussion, imo, shows the *real danger* of thinking that
almost all nations are imperialist".

On the contrary, that thinking explains why today's nation-states (not just
those of the 'West') constantly interfere in each other's affairs, and why
the bourgeois right of national self-determination is still important - in
Libya, in Bahrain, in Tibet, in Kurdistan, and in many other places.

But if you think bourgeois democracy = 100% exploitation, then you must be
100% against that right, and have a completely different reason to object to
the UN's intervention in Libya.


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