Re: [OPE] winning the battle of democracy

Date: Thu Mar 17 2011 - 20:38:14 EDT

> "Political reaction? Was Gadaffi a 'reactionary' when he helped lead the
> coup which overthrew the monarchy?"
> Easy to answer. One despot replacing another = 100% progress; free elections
> = 100% exploitation.

Hi Paula:

Your uncritical stance towards the National Transitional Council is odd indeed.

If indeed Gadaffi is a despot then you might want to consider the fact
that the leader of the National Transitional Council (Mustafa Abdul Jalil)
was - up until a few weeks ago - the *JUSTICE MINISTER* in the Gadaffi
government! Well, if Gadaffi is a despot what makes you think that his
former Justice Minister is on the side of bourgeois democratic change? Since
when do despots hire people committed to democracy as their justice minister?
In solidarity, Jerry
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