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From: Paula <>
Date: Thu Mar 17 2011 - 17:52:35 EDT

Jerry wrote:
"To be 100% in favor of bourgeois democracy is to be 100% in favor of
capitalism and class exploitation".

Sure, that's why "communist" regimes like China, where no capitalism or
class exploitation exist, make it a habit to take away people's rights and
freedoms, all in the name of the proletariat. But what do the millions of
Chinese workers want bourgeois rights and freedoms for, if they already have
paradise? And if they insist on organizing mass protests for political
freedom, which, as we all know, only means 100% capitalism and 100%
exploitation - well, it's for their own good that they get massacred on the

Howard wrote:
"The phrase, winning the battle of democracy, comes from the Communist

And if you re-read the Manifesto or know anything about the period you will
see that the battle included, at the time, fighting for bourgeois democracy.
The Manifesto was published in 1848, the same year of the European
revolutions in which the proletariat participated, fighting, almost
exclusively, for bourgeois democratic demands. See especially the comments
by Engels in the Preface to the Italian Reader: "Everywhere that revolution
was the work of the working class; it was the latter that built the
barricades and paid with its lifeblood ... Thus, if the Revolution of 1848
was not a socialist revolution, it paved the way, prepared the ground for
the latter ... The battles fought in 1848 were thus not fought in vain."


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