Re: [OPE] winning the battle of democracy

Date: Wed Mar 16 2011 - 20:31:35 EDT

> There is bourgeois democracy (eg national independence; freedom of speech)
> and workers' democracy (eg right to strike; bargaining rights). Socialists
> IMO must be 100% in favor of both.
Hi Paula:
To be 100% in favor of bourgeois democracy is to be 100% in favor of
capitalism and class exploitation - and 100% opposed to workers'
democracy. Bourgeois democracy is a form of class rule by the bourgeoisie;
it is a a type of dictatorship of, for, and by the capitalist class. It is
not simply - or even fundamentally - freedom of speech, national independence,
etc. To the extent that socialists support bourgeois democracy it must always
be critical support, imo.
In solidarity, Jerry
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