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From: Jurriaan Bendien <>
Date: Sat Mar 12 2011 - 07:31:31 EST

To be honest, I feel sorry for the revolutionary insurgents in Libya. Not
only do they have to deal with Gaddafi's army, NATO, foreign spies and
Western political machinations by Gadaffi's erstwhile foreign supporters,
but also with Western leftists debating doctrinally about whether the Libyan
revolt is "progressive" or not, or whether "critical support" should be
extended, and whether the march of history truly conforms to the Marxist
party line, as it should!

* Take for example the "Committee for a Workers International". It complains
that "the committees even in Benghazi are not fully based upon the real
involvement of working class people in the city." The masses "need to be
armed and politically conscious that a real struggle for liberation depends
on mass involvement." So there!

* The resolution of the "Fourth International" announces that "all the
ruling classes, all the governments, all the reactionary regimes of the Arab
world are more or less supporting the Libyan dictatorship." Moreover, should
the Libyan insurrection fail, this would mean that "the process" (presumably
the Arab revolutionary process) will be "slowed down, contained or even

* The "International Socialists" provide a vaguer "every which way" article,
which caters to all possible scenarios at once (until the next issue of the
paper). According to them, "Western powers... have no scruples about cutting
deals with Gaddafi. Any [Western] intervention will undermine the success of
the revolution and its ability to crush the regime’s forces. The West is
demanding a pause in the revolution’s offensive from the east. This would
allow the regime to crush key centres of the uprising in the west of the

* For its part, the CPGB complains that "The [Benghazi Provisional
Transitional National Council of Libya’s] initial statement clearly contains
dangers. Yes, it is true that their statement rejects “direct military
intervention on Libyan soil”, but at the same time it makes a “request to
the international community to fulfil its obligations to protect the Libyan
people from any further genocide and crimes against humanity” - the distinct
implication being that ‘non-direct’ military intervention would be welcome."

*In an otherwise more level-headed article, the US International Socialists
moot the hyperbole "any [outside] intervention would risk disaster and be a
knife at the heart of the revolutionary process now sweeping the Arab

Well I could go on and on, but anyway, reading the "revolutionary press"
about Libya, you would crack up laughing, except that we're talking about a
matter of life and death for a lot of people. Imagine what would happen if
these Western Leftists were involved in any real revolution!


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