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Dear colleagues.


A special issue of MARXISM 21 (vol.8, no.1, spring, 2011) has just been published.

This issue has 4 English articles on Marxian theory of exploitation as follows.


Takao Fujimoto, Reflections on the Concept of Exploitation,

Dong-Min Rieu, Subjectivism and Individualism: A note on the Marxian theory of exploitation

B. Gloria Martinez Gonzalez and Alejandro Valle Baeza, Differences in Surplus-value Rates between Developed and Underdeveloped Countries: An analysis based on differences in productivity and capital composition

Paul Cockshott and Heinz Dieterich, The Contemporary Relevance of Exploitation Theory


This issue also includes another English article,

Hiroshi Ohnishi and Atushi Tazoe, Profit and Preferential Growth of the First Sector in the Marxian Optimal Growth Model


These papers are electronically available at http://nongae.gnu.ac.kr/~issmarx/eng/eng_index.php#


In S. Korea and many other countries, publishing a paper in a listed journal (specifically, SSCI: Social Science Citation Index & SCOPUS) is becoming a crucial condition for young scholars to get positions in colleges and universities.

This is an additional hindrance for radical economists to get academic jobs, because most listed journals do not accept papers from the Marxist perspective. Therefore, the editorial committee of MARXISM 21 has begun to form an initiative to make it into an SSCI-indexed journal. In this regard, it will be very much helpful if you examine and cite articles in MARXISM 21 more when you contribute your papers in academic journals.

Please feel free to contact the editorial committee of MARXISM 21 at marxism21@hanmail.net.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Dong-Min Rieu

Guest editor

MARXISM 21 special issue


Seongjin Jeong



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