Re: [OPE] Jeyakumar Devaraj on the causes of the economic crisis

Date: Thu Mar 03 2011 - 08:21:01 EST

> Why would
> Links publish this stuff? Presumably because they want to emphasize their
> political-ideological affinity with Malaysia's PSM.

Hi Jurriaan:
Perhaps, but neither of us know that was the case.
In any event, I find the quality of articles published by
'Links' to be very uneven. The same could also be said -
even more so! - for 'MRZine'.
In solidarity, Jerry
PS: I haven't checked on MRZine for a while so I wanted
to do so before sending this message. It's worse than I
thought or remembered! In fact, it's dreadful. The major
analytical piece on political economy was written just
yesterday - by Michal Kalecki in 1943! And there is a
a gossipy article that even _"The National Enquirer" would
be ashamed to publish called "Al Giordano's Unrequited
Love for Eva Golinger" (Giordano is the Editor of
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