[OPE] Marx and wikileaks

From: Jurriaan Bendien <jurriaanbendien@online.nl>
Date: Sun Feb 20 2011 - 19:47:46 EST

I've found a Marx-quote which helps explain why Marxists embrace wikileaks:

"The bureaucracy has the being of the state, the spiritual being of society,
in its possession; it is its private property. The general spirit of the
bureaucracy is the secret, the mystery, preserved inwardly by means of the
hierarchy and externally as a closed corporation. To make public the mind
and the disposition of the state appears therefore to the bureaucracy as a
betrayal of its mystery. Accordingly authority is the principle of its
knowledge and being, and the deification of authority is its mentality."

Thus, there seems to be in general something radical about divulging
confidential state information.


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