Re: [OPE] Marx's explanation regarding the need for the U.S. Southto obtain new territory

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Date: Wed Feb 16 2011 - 06:13:15 EST

I don't know if I recall this correctly, but I think there was indeed evidence of soil deterioration. In addition however there was a further problem with land tenure. More and more land in the South was owned by fewer and fewer landholders, while the mass of poor landless whites grew.

After 1845 slavery was legal in Texas until 1865. Between 1821 and 1836, some 38,000 settlers arrived in Texas, especially from the Southern states. After the Civil War 1861-65 there was again a large migration from the South to Texas. However I don't know how many settlers migrated from the Southern states to Texas in 1845-1860. There was also a large influx of European immigrants, of course.

In 1849, a census of the cotton production of Texas reported 58,073 "bales" (500 pounds each). In 1852, Texas was in eighth place among the top ten cotton-producing states of the US. The 1859 census credited Texas with a yield of 431,645 bales. The total output volume of cotton therefore must have increased by more than seven times in one decade, and the amount of land under cultivation must have increased proportionally. But how much of this expansion of production was attributable specifically to slave labour is a moot point. Cotton production continued to grow also after the abolition of slavery; by the early 20th century Texas was the leading cotton producer in the US.


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