Re: [OPE] Brief Thoughts on the Egyptian Revolution

From: Paula <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 2011 - 17:30:47 EST

Jerry wrote:
"now that they have gone through the experience of seeing how their mass
mobilization can topple a government, this will likely encourage them to
struggle onwards."

That's the most important result of the events in Egypt.

"As for Moishe Machover's point about the material basis for unification in
the Arab world, couldn't one could see that exact dynamic as a material
basis for disunity in the Arab world?"

Sure, the material basis is there for Arab unification and also for
disunity. Same as in Europe, Latin America, East Asia, etc. But it's
disgraceful for the left to look for salvation to competitive blocs. A
unified Arab bloc will likely come into conflict with other regional powers,
especially Turkey and Iran, thus ratcheting up global tensions. The effect
would be more war and division.

Political oppression is not unique to the Arab world. It exists, in one form
or another, all over the planet. That's why people are protesting also in
Iran, Uganda, and even in the 'West', where democratic rights are violated
and/or threatened all the time. This proves that imperialism is an "age of
reaction" (and not, as Jerry and others believe, a subset of nation-states).
Our approach therefore should be globalist, as I argue in my article 'One
world, one lie: Tibet, the Olympics, and democracy":


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