Re: [OPE] Brief Thoughts on the Egyptian Revolution

Date: Mon Feb 14 2011 - 13:50:15 EST

Hi Chai-on:
Some of the 'facts' you cite are, in my opinion, problematic.
For example:

> Fact 03: The Islam political program would be more revolutionary whilst
> pro-American political entities would be more market friendly,
In practice, current Islamic governments (e.g. in Iran) have also shown themselves to
be market friendly and it's highly doubtful whether they would advance a truly
revolutionary programme.
> Fact 04: Even if a pro-American entity seizes the power, they will soon disappoint
> the people because US cannot provide military or economic aids as much as previously.
> US is poor and in difficulties with their own lives and so has no room to off helping hands.
The US isn't so poor that they won't continue to militarily and economically support
their world allies. Indeed, I expect the US will or already has offered Egypt *more*
economic assistance than they received under Mubarak. Of course, they will be told
there will be a quid pro quo for this 'assistance'.

> [..] And that anti-American people are united in solidarity and brotherhood
Do you really think so? I suspect that you will shortly see the divisions and rivalries.
One such division nis between those forces who claim to be "anti-American" and those
forces which oppose US imperialism.
In solidarity, Jerry
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