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Maybe, I must be the most optimistic in this list.

Fact 01: Islam is no longer feudalistic. When Taleban occupied a part of Parkistani territory last year, they redistributed agrable lands equally to poor peasants. They must have been permeated by the lefts, or have been mixed with the lefts.
Fact 02: A truely "fair and democratic" election would bring the power to the Islam. Islam brotheren won 88 seats last year election despite Mubarak abrubtly intervened in the election militarily. They claim 68% of the population has been organized within the Islamic brothren.
Fact03: The Islam political program would be more revolutionary whilst pro-American political entities would be more market friendly, in which case, the latter cannot satisfy the heightened desire of the Egytian people.
Fact 04: Even if a pro-American entity seizes the power, they will soon disappoint the people because US cannot provied military or economic aids as much as previously. US is poor and in difficulties with their own lives and so has no room to off helping hands.
Fact 05: Anti-Americanism is ascending in the region whilst the pro-Americanism is in fear. And that anti-American people are united in solidarity with brotherhood whilst pro-Americans are competing with one another, and quarring with one another, etc...
Fact 05:
Fact 06:

And so on.


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Now I am informed by a throw-away that my interest in Althusser makes me
Islamophobic. What next? That 9/11 was a bin Laden operation?

Paul Z.

On 2/14/2011 3:42 AM, Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> I realize the Althusserian Marxists are Islamophobics
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