Re: [OPE] Marx on the U.S. Civil War

Date: Sun Feb 06 2011 - 12:43:03 EST

With respect, Paul Z, the issue is whether Marx's criticism of
Engels as being "influenced by the military aspect of things too
much" (or what you called his "superficial" analysis) in
relation to the possible outcomes of the US Civil War was
correct. You claim in another post that the class interest of
the bourgeoisie meant that they would "get their act
together" but I find this to be quite problematic. There are certainly
examples aplenty historically of a class, including the national
bourgeoisie, failing to "get its act together" even when that
was necessary for their class interests.
In solidarity, Jerry

> [Marx to Engels:]
>> It strikes me
>> that you allow yourself to be influenced by the military aspect of
>> things a little too much." (Sept 10, 1862)
> It strikes me that Marx may have been influenced by a concept of
> historical inevitability a little too much.
> Engels was correct to think that the outcome of the Civil War was,
> at that time, uncertain.
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