[OPE] Conservatives split over Egypt uprising

From: Jurriaan Bendien <jurriaanbendien@online.nl>
Date: Thu Feb 03 2011 - 16:47:38 EST

"Store food and prepare for the coming global insurrection: That's the
warning Glenn Beck issued Monday. The Muslim Brotherhood and American
radicals, he informed us, are operating in tandem to bring about "the
destruction of the Western world." On his Fox show, Beck presented a clip of
Mohamed El Baradei calling for a "New Egypt that is democratic, that is
based on social justice." The phrase "social justice" flashed on the screen,
because in Beck's world, it's a code word for a totalitarian leftist agenda,
just as the Egyptian protesters' use of the phrase "day of rage" signals
their kinship with Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground. "We've shown you
tonight that Hamas, Code Pink"-the feminist anti-war group-"and the Muslim
Brotherhood are all linked together." With the future bleak, Beck called on
his viewers to pray for "our way of life" and for Israel. (...) Now, as
Egyptians pour into the streets and demand control of their political
destiny, an interesting divide is opening up on the right. On one side are
those who actually took all that democracy stuff seriously. On the other are
those who see the Muslim world only as an enemy to be crushed and
controlled. With a Republican primary approaching, it remains to be seen
which view of Middle Eastern policy will triumph among conservatives."

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