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Those Marx-Engels letters of the period that are on-line give no hint of
Engels writing in Marx's name.

However, Engels was writing privately to Marx that the conduct of the
war by the North compared to the South suggested that the South would
likely win. Against Engels, Marx writes:

"As to the *Yankees*, I am firmly of the opinion, now as before, that
the North will win in the end....The way in which the North is waging
the war is none other than might be expected of a /bourgeois /republic,
where humbug has reigned supreme for so long. The South, an oligarchy,
is better suited to the purpose, especially an oligarchy where all
productive labour devolves on the *niggers* and where the 4 million
'*white trash' *are /flibustiers /by calling. For all that, I'm prepared
to bet my life on it that these fellows will come off worst,
'*Stonewall*. Jackson' notwithstanding. It is, of course, possible that
some sort of revolution will occur beforehand in the North itself.... It
strikes me that you allow yourself to be influenced by the military
*aspect* of things *a little too much*." (Sept 10, 1862)

The emancipation proclamation was issued on Sept. 22!


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On 1/31/2011 7:35 AM, Paul Zarembka wrote:
> Thanks, Jurriaan. I knew that Engels wrote for Marx on military affairs
> but I need to precisely know for all articles on the U.S. Civil War
> (which are a lot). Paul
> On 1/31/2011 1:33 AM, Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
>> I don't know the answer, but maybe John Laskey
>> does. He writes:
>> "But Marx's greatest efforts were spent upon the difficult birth of
>> his defining work 'Das Kapital' and he sometimes had to ask Engels to
>> 'ghost write' his newspaper articles for him. Believing fully in
>> Marx's genius and mission, Engels did not let him down: when Marx's
>> articles turn to matters military, the ghostly hand of Engels is
>> apparent. Engels wrote at least two articles on the war under his own
>> name."
>> You can also infer some things from the M/E correspondence
>> Jurriaan

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