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Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 13:27:17 EST

> (2) Many years ago I read Paul Mattick's efforts to provide a Marxian response to Keynesianism. Balancing this against Paul Sweezy's neo-Marxian vindication (Monopoly Capital) of Keynesian remedies, I concluded that the debate was a draw. (I think that the early Sweezy of The Theory of Capitalist Development [1942]--a text riddled with errors, by the way, for those acquainted with the relevant mathematics--made a good point, which he subsequently dropped, in arguing that any effective Keynesianism would require tutelage by a working-class state.) Question: Has anybody since Mattick, Marxist or non-Marxist, provided an improvement over Mattick's counter to Keynesianism? <

Whether it is an improvement or not I'll let the anonymous inquirer answer, but Richard Wolff wrote something
recently on this topic:

At one point Paolo Giussani wrote on this topic from a kind of pro-Mattick perspective. Some
articles are at including "The Limits of the Mixed Economy and
the Accumulation of Capital in Our Times". Many related articles by others can be found at
the same site.

(Silent OPE-L member) Anwar Shaikh has also written on this subject. So, of course, did a
contemporary of Mattick - Ernest Mandel.

In solidarity, Jerry
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