Re: [OPE] Wikileaks, Karl Marx and you

Date: Sun Jan 23 2011 - 12:10:07 EST

> I realize of course that you, with your yacht, your PC friends and your
> professorship are far more revolutionary, radical, and staunchly
> Marxist than I am.
The issues addressed in this thread are *social issues* and can not
be grasped if one personalizes them. Whatever (mis-) representations
you make about me really have no bearing whatsoever on these social issues.
Since this thread wasn't about me - or you - I won't bother to address
your (mis-) representations about me.
In solidarity, Jerry
> > Corporations and states do nothing, people do.
> Hi Jurriaan:
> That is the same road taken by the post-modernists.
> One could just as well say that classes do nothing, people do. Or, that
> educational institutions and the media do nothing, people do. Or, that the
> military and the police do nothing, people do. This indeed has been the
> defense often given by these institutions to charges of war crimes and
> police brutality - 'it's not the fault of the military (or the police
> department) it's the fault of an individual (or individuals).
> You are entitled to your perspective, of course, but I think this is a
> very different way of analyzing social issues than that used by Marx
> (I only note that because you often cite your interpretation of Marx in
> your posts).
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