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Dear Friends,
Just an update on current andupcoming issues of State of Nature, and an invitation to join us on Facebook orTwitter.


Facebook & Twitter

State of Nature now has aFacebook group:


Please join and invite otherfriends who may be interested.

We are also on Twitter:


Follow us for regular updates onSoN content.


Current Issue

The Winter 2011 issue of State ofNature, ‘The Future of Neoliberalism’, is now online. www.stateofnature.org


The Future of Neoliberalism

RichardGreeman: General Strikes and Massive Demonstrations Challenge Neo-LiberalReforms in France
WilliamK Tabb: Beyond Neoliberalism
DennisLoo: Neoliberalism’s Future
RichardWolff: Capitalism and "Austerity" in Europe and the US


RichAnderson: "Killing Jesus" (Fiction)
PaulBuchheit: Capitalists Came (Poetry)

The next update is 1stFebruary 2011.

More submissions will be added tothis issue until mid March and submissions are therefore still welcome.


Next Issue

Spring 2011: Drugs

We invite submissions on varyingaspects of the subject. These could include: the pharmaceutical industry, alternative medicine, the tobacco industry,the alcohol industry, the illegal drug trade, narco-guerrillas, decriminalisationand punishment, or other related themes.

This issue will go online on 15th April 2011. Submissions tobe included at the launch of the issue should be sent by 7th April.


Varia Submissions

If you would like to submit anything on subjects other than thosefeatured, please remember that we always include our ‘Varia’ section, in whichwe publish work on a wide range of subjects. This can be sent at any time.


Kind regards,

Cihan & Jon

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