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Not much on Marx, but interesting description of a social movement and
its historical origins and context.
In solidarity, Jerry

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* Wikileaks, Karl Marx and you -

By Alistair Davidson

December 23, 2010 -- Liberty and Solidarity -- Despite blanket media
coverage of Wikileaks and Julian Assange,
there has been little discussion of the fact that Assange is merely one
leader within a large and complicated social movement. The better
analyses have found it interesting that the Swedish Pirate Party are
aiding Wikileaks; some note links
 to the German Chaos Computer Club. But only “geeks” and “hackers”
(technology workers) are aware that all of these organisations are
members of the same movement.

This social movement, which has been termed the “free culture
movement”, has a 30-year history. It incorporates elements
reminiscent of earlier workers’ movements: elements of class struggle,
political agitation and radical economics. The movement’s cadre, mainly
 technology workers, have been locked in conflict with the ruling class
over the political and economic nature of information itself. As
Wikileaks demonstrates, the outcome will have implications for all of

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