Re: [OPE] "Currency wars"?

From: Paula <>
Date: Mon Jan 10 2011 - 19:06:15 EST

Jerry wrote:
"You have suggested elsewhere that all independent nations are imperialist.
will say, in response (as I said before) that if all nations are imperialist
then imperialism no longer has any meaning."

"I think the people of Brazil - and nearby countries including Argentina,
Chile, Venezuela (and, for that matter, ALL nations on the continent) - are
very aware that much of the wealth and control over decision-making
concerning their countries' economies, is controlled elsewhere."

People in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and Africa are equally
aware of this, so by your own logic "imperialism" certainly has no meaning,
since no nation would be imperialist.

But some people are never troubled by double standards - if Japan fights a
currency war, it's one thing, it China does it, it's another; if the
European countries form a customs union, it's one thing, if the Latin
American countries do it, it's another; etc.

Regarding Xinhua's argument, posted by Jurriaan, that "The Western media's
hyping of a 'currency war' has exaggerated divisions on currency policies
and brought more tension to the international community". This is designed
to absolve both imperialism as an economic system and China's own part in
it. But it isn't only the Western media who are talking about a currency
war, curiously the Brazilian government blames China and the US...


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