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Date: Sun Dec 19 2010 - 17:03:53 EST

I also pleased to tell you that Mike L (one of our founding members)
has re-joined the list! He will be checking on the archives
rather than receiving individual emails. So, that means I shouldn't
have to forward any more of his messages as he will be able to post
directly to the list./ In solidarity, Jerry.
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Subject: re: 'Putting humans back into socialism' -- please forward
From: "michael a. lebowitz"
Date: Sun, December 19, 2010 11:59 am
To: "Gerald Levy"

Dear Jerry,
I have just returned from Greece where I had the honour of
presenting the 4th Annual Poulantzas Lecture in Athens and where Marta
Harnecker and I had the opportunity to give a number of talks and to
meet with good militants like John Milius and others actively engaged in
struggle against capitalism.
I see that Frederico Fuentes has apparently provoked David Laibman
and Dave Zachariah with the title ['Putting Humans Back into Socialism']
for his review of my latest book, 'The Socialist Alternative: Real Human
Development'. Frederico, though, has a definite advantage over David and
Dave: aside from being a revolutionary activist who has worked closely
with militants in Venezuela [e.g., editing the newspaper of Marea
Socialista, an important current in the Chavist workers movement],
working in Bolivia [and editing the blog, 'Boliviarising'], and
organising in the DSP and Socialist Alliance in his native Australia,
Fred has actually read the book in question.
I don't know about Dave but I suspect from David's comment about my
relative lack of experience relative to the leadership of the CPSU that
he also would object to the title [and maybe the content] of Konrad
Read's review, 'A New Vision of Socialist Transition and Development'
[]. In any case, I can only
suggest that they both read the book, which was written in Caracas
[rather far, the last I checked, from 'the generating centers of
capitalist ideology']. Perhaps as an additional inducement, they might
consider the most recent review written by Michael Perelman for Choice.
in solidarity,


Michael A. Lebowitz
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Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
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Director, Programme in 'Transformative Practice and Human Development'
Centro Internacional Miranda, P.H.
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