From: GERALD LEVY <gerald_a_levy@msn.com>
Date: Sun Dec 19 2010 - 10:36:43 EST

I am very pleased to introduce the new Administrative Committee of OPE-L
at this time.

The new AC, which begins its two year term of office with the turn of the
year, is composed of:

* Paul Adler padler@usc.edu
* Paul Cockshott William.Cockshott@glasgow.ac.uk

* Diego Guerrero diego.guerrero@movistar.es

* Chai-on Lee conlee@chonnam.ac.kr

* Michael Webber michaeljwebber@gmail.com

The composition of the AC was determined as follows:

1. a list of all those members who authored posts in the last year
was created - minus outgoing members of the AC and the list coordinator who were
not eligible. This formed the 'pool of eligible members to serve on the AC.

2. One member was asked to randomize all of the numbers in the pool.
Each member of the 'pool', which had been originally listed in alphabetical
order, was then re-assigned a number based on the (first) randomization.

3. Another member was created a second randomization of the numbers in
the pool. When compared to 2), this established the rankings for each
member of the pool.

4. The top 5 ranked members of the pool were asked to join the AC (see
sample email below). If there were any declinations (there weren't)
or if there were no responses within 6 days (there were), then others
beginning with the #6 ranked person would be asked to join.

As it turned out the top 4 ranked members agreed to be on the AC,
there weren't responses from numbers 5-6, so the #7 ranked person was
asked and that person agreed and filled the remaining spot on the AC.

This is an adaptation of a "wisdom of the crowds" model of direct
democracy. The last, outgoing AC was selected in the same manner.
Arguably, this makes the administration of OPE-L one of the most
democratic among all discussion lists on the Internet - and certainly
more directly democratic than any other radical list (or lists of
academics, Marxians, economists, etc.).

At this time I would like to thank all of the above for agreeing to
be on the AC and all of the outgoing members of the AC - Alejandro
Agafonow, Ian Wright, and Dave Zachariah - as well as Jurriaan
Bendien and Mike Schauerte who also served on the previous AC.
I also want to thank, once again, all of those who served on the
AC (when it was called the Advisory Committee) in years past -
including Alejandro Valle Baeza, Allin Cottrell, Fred Moseley,
and Alfredo Saad-Filho. We as a list have all benefited from
their (unpaid) service.

I look forward to working with the new Administrative Committee
and hearing what ideas they have about how the list can be improved.

Comradely, Jerry

> You are among the top five ranked individuals in the 'pool'
> for the next Administrative Committee (AC). This was determined
> by a double-blind random ranking procedure. The term of office for
> the new AC will be two years.
> This is a great opportunity for you to take part in an
> exciting social experiment in direct democracy by
> Marxian scholars!
> The functions and activities of the AC will be determined by
> the new AC itself - in consultation with the list coordinator
> and, where necessary, with periodic reports to the list. The
> list coordinator will have voice but no vote (except in cases
> of a tie) in AC deliberations. An odd number for AC size (5)
> was selected so as to diminish the possibility of a tie-breaking
> vote by the coordinator being needed (and, btw, there was never
> such a circumstance with the previous AC). The responsibilities of
> the AC will include:
> o a review and decision on recommendations made for new
> members;
> o a review of existing list policies - when the AC decides
> that policies are in need of review;
> o resolutions of complaints, suggestions, and grievances made
> by list members who are not part of the AC;
> o offering advice and direction to the list coordinator - either
> at the request of the coordinator or the initiative of the AC.
> Additionally, the AC may decide to expand its discussions to
> other matters, e.g. long-term planning of the list, new initiatives,
> etc. This is really up to the new AC.
> Decisions of the AC will be made by majority vote.
> This doesn't HAVE to be a big commitment - and wasn't for the last AC.
> Putting aside special cases and emergencies, this SHOULDN'T require a
> lot of time and effort on the part of individual members of the
> AC. But, this depends in part on what the AC decides will be
> the scope of their activities.
> Of course, there are legitimate reasons for not serving on the AC
> (e.g. family, health, political activism, work and other professional
> commitments which make it impossible to serve), but I ask that
> you give this matter serious consideration and, if at all possible,
> agree to be on the AC.
> Please get back to me with an answer - one way or the other - as soon
> as possible.
> Comradely, Jerry
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