Re: [OPE] Riccardo's books

Date: Sat Dec 18 2010 - 09:43:43 EST

Hi Paul Z:
Well, Jurriaan did qualify that sentence significantly by writing
'seems like' and finishing it with a question mark. And, the point
of his post was to ask that these volumes be published as paperbacks
so he could afford to obtain and read them.

I wouldn't describe that as an attack on Riccardo (I only
wish that many thousands of others would attack him because they
also want to read his writings and volumes he edited) but rather
an off-said general frustration with the rising costs of scholarly
It's the holiday season - shouldn't we be giving each other the benefit
of a doubt?

In solidarity, Jerry

> Your turn of phrase is rather amazing, Jurriaan.
>> Seems like only a secret Marxist elite can read this books ?!
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