Re: [OPE] Asunto: US wheat market - perfectly competitive?

From: Michael Perelman <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 2010 - 21:19:51 EST

The Chicago Board of Trade has underground tunnels to let the traders
escape if farmers invaded the trading floor. Those farmers did not
see wheat trade as perfect competition.

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 2:16 AM, Jurriaan Bendien
<> wrote:
> There are certainly books on the wheat agribusiness. I usually advise
> academics to consult the Library of Congress catalogue. Why? because it is
> the largest English language collection there is, and the catalogue is well
> structured. If you type in "wheat" you get about 4,000 titles, you can
> refine this search with terms like "wheat market", "agribusiness" etc.
> Oxbridge also has good catalogues.
> I also googled with terms like "political economy of the wheat market" and
> got quite a few hits. I found for example a fairly recent blog by Steve
> Suppan, policy analyst at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
> I've used the example of a world market price for wheat in a wiki on ground
> rent
> It's only
> an obscure topic though and gets only about 4,500 hits per year (not like
> "commodity fetishism", which is more popular).
> Hope this helps,
> Jurriaan
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