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From: Anders Ekeland <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 2010 - 06:35:47 EST

Hi thanks to Allin and Jurriaan,

I was looking for articles or books from academic journals or publishers - and primarily on the US domestic market. On the structure of the world market there is a bit more.

The best so far that I have found is:

Price Discrimination in the Context of Vertical Differentiation: An Application to Canadian Wheat Exports.Full Text Available By: Lavoie, Nathalie. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Nov2005, Vol. 87 Issue 4, p835-854,
The opening statement is:

"In microeconomics textbooks the wheat industry is often used to illustrate an industry characterized by producthomogeneity and perfect competition. This study challenges this view by investigating the presence of price discrimination in a differentiated wheat industry"

For my present limited purposes this is OK, but if any one comes a cross something on the US wheat market - give me a hint.


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> Subject: [OPE] Asunto: US wheat market - perfectly competitive?
> There are certainly books on the wheat agribusiness. I usually advise
> academics to consult the Library of Congress catalogue. Why? because it is
> the largest English language collection there is, and the catalogue is well
> structured. If you type in "wheat" you get about 4,000 titles, you can
> refine this search with terms like "wheat market", "agribusiness" etc.
> Oxbridge also has good catalogues.
> I also googled with terms like "political economy of the wheat market" and
> got quite a few hits. I found for example a fairly recent blog by Steve
> Suppan, policy analyst at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
> I've used the example of a world market price for wheat in a wiki on ground
> rent
> It's only
> an obscure topic though and gets only about 4,500 hits per year (not like
> "commodity fetishism", which is more popular).
> Hope this helps,
> Jurriaan
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