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Date: Thu Dec 02 2010 - 11:11:31 EST

> Where did I say that class struggles do not play a role in theoretical
> developments?

Hi Ian:

You didn't specifically include it in your account.

> But are you saying that the history of the theoretical reflection of
> social reality in consciousness is not subject to its own laws of
> development that have a degree of autonomy from the economic base?

No, I'm simply saying that if you want to understand changes in
perspective in the history of political economy then you have to
look at the historical/social context in which these debates happened
rather than just looking at the issues in terms of simply disputes
about logic ands science. The history of AI does not nearly have as
much of an ideological element as the history of economics.

> since it seems to me that the TP has
> had a massive impact. You yourself have complained of the unending and
> voluminous literature on the subject.

Yes, I agree that it has had a massive impact - a massive negative impact. It
has been the Great Theoretical Diversion for Marxists.

> Why do you think a scientific problem has a time limit?

Well, if a 'solution' (to a non-problem, imo) hasn't been found in
over 120 years, why do you think it ever will be? I also don't agree
that the TP is a 'scientific' problem. It is, rather, a dispute
caused by the use of different methodologies and understandings of
value theory and has historically been miss-specified. For instance,
how many times is it repeated in the literature that the TP concerns
the transformation of values into prices? This is evidence of a failure
to grasp the distinction between prices and prices of production.

> For what it's worth, given my background in Artificial Intelligence, I
> think I can bring a new perspective to these issues.

Yes, but left unexplained is why a background in AI would help you better
understand Marx's conception of the transformation of values into PoP.

In solidarity, Jerry
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