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Date: Tue Nov 30 2010 - 07:52:00 EST

> Sometimes it is argued on OPE-L that Marxist theoreticians should move
> on from the "transformation problem", which is not only very old but
> seemingly fruitless. Yet -- time and time again -- we see empirically
> that many intellectuals have adapted their theoretical work and have
> taken it in certain directions precisely because of the existence of
> the transformation problem.

Hi Ian:

WE don't know that empirically. To think that most of these people who
reject value theory and have moved in contrary theoretical directions
_because of_ the TP is naive.

To focus on the TP at a time when the world capitalist economy has
experienced the biggest downturn since the Great Depression is, frankly,

Oh, wait - perhaps I am mistaken. Oh, yes, I can hear it: tens of
thousands of angry militant workers in the street demanding a 'solution'
to the transformation problem! Some are carrying a 'The Iterative Solution
Adds Up' placard, others are carrying a 'Out with the old, In with the New Solution'
sign, there is a 'Marx was right: join the TSS Crusade!' banner, but most
are marching behind the "There is No Solution!" banner. Onlookers have a puzzled
look on their faces. I just overheard one conversation:

Young Woman: "We got all kinds of problems in the country and the world.
What the eff is the 'transformation' problem?

Young man: "I think it has something to do with magic."

Older woman: "I think it's about transforming the country into one
where there is no budget deficit and where the standard of living is

Young man (same one as before, making a wisecrack) "That's what I
said - it's something to do with magic."


Older Man: "Well, I hope it has something to do with transforming
my empty stomach into one which is full and paying my rent".

Protestor who overheard the conversation: "No, it's about Karl
Marx's perspective on the relation of values to prices of production!".

Young woman (same as before): "They're all crazy!".

In solidarity, Jerry
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