Re: [OPE] E.O. Wright and the myth of spurious value-price correlations

Date: Sun Nov 14 2010 - 07:24:43 EST

> On a related note I listened to a recent recording of Erik Olin Wright
> who said to his graduate students that empirical studies have shown
> that labour-content does well as any alternative, such as energy. I have
> not yet come across such a study and moreover it is empirically false.

Hi Dave Z:
This must be a reference to Kliman's writings on 'spurious correlations'
(in _RPE_ and _CJE_ primarily). Wright, evidently, must not be aware of
the replies and rejoinders to the Kliman critique of Cockshott-Cottrell.
Most of the responses claim to show that Kliman's statistical methods and
reasoning is, well, spurious.
In solidarity, Jerry
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